Pay Per Click

The myth of the “daily budget” is wide spread with many PPC companies. It works like this:

A PPC company will offer to run your Ads on Google and charge you a daily budget and let’s assume it is $5 per day. Every day they will bid for Google to run your your advertisement and based on a number of factors Google will run your advertisement. Each time it is clicked, you’ll be charged by Google.

Now let’s say each click costs $1, and you get 3 clicks per day, Google gets paid $3 and your PPC company keeps $2 for themselves.

This hidden $2 is almost impossible to detect. In fact, they have no incentive to maximise the number of clicks because the more you pay Google, the less the PPC company gets to keep for themselves. Less clicks is less customers so under this model, it’s really easy for a website owner to lose out.

We charge a hourly rate for all work we do on your Ad Campaign and are very transparent about it so you can see exactly what we charge and exactly what goes to Google.

The results speak for themselves with one client getting 89 clicks for $500 with us and only 19 clicks for $500 with their previous PPC Company.