Search Engine Optimisation

Google places sites on page one of Google when it feels it is relevant to the search term. For this reason, it’s going to be hard for a store that sells socks to get to page one for someone searching for “roses”. It’s simply not relevant.

Google’s mission to return relevant sites is fairly transparent. They publish a document, the Search Engine Optimisation starter guide, which explains what makes a website relevant.

Where websites run into trouble is when they or their SEO Company engages in activities that attempt to trick Google into making their site relevant. Google has an entire team whose job it is to find new tricks and update the way Google filters sites. It’s a game of cat and mouse and sites end up getting penalised.

Side quote “Google updated the way they rank websites over 50 times in 2012 and many of these changes results in the “cheats” being severely penalised. Two major efforts to penalise cheats were code named the Panda and Penguin updates.”

Any SEO company that offers a quick win with SEO is most likely engaging in tactics that will work for a short time and then back-fire. This leaves a business with wasted time, money and lost sales.

An SEO plan that works is an investment in time, similar to planting an apple tree instead of just

buying apples. Yes, it will take longer but is cheaper in the long run. We have specific approaches to SEO depending in the type of business you run.