5 Unique Advertising Types that Will Guarantee New Customers

The age of the internet has presented us with options to find new customers all over the world. Online advertising has become a common strategy for big and small businesses. The online market is used by businesses and individuals to reach out to a greater audience than what televised, and print media advertisements could do in the past. While there are many ways to promote your content on the internet, today, we will look at the non-paid marketing efforts that can guarantee an audience to you.

SEO advertising

It is important to learn the ways search engines like Google and Bing work. The ultimate goal of your marketing strategy should be to appear on the top pages of search engines. It will drive more traffic towards your website and ultimately to your products and services. SEO strategies can target the exact audience that you need. It will also drive customers that stumbled upon your website using SEM. However, SEO strategies are not meant for business giants since they are already popular. That is why it is your best chance to get better recognition on the internet.


Display ads

Display ads can be placed on other websites and even on search engines. They are also known as banner ads and are similar to billboards that you see on the roads. The only difference is that these ads are placed on the internet so they can reach maximum internet users. You can pick a number of websites that are similar to your business either by topic or location.

Facebook ads

Facebook has grown into a website that is mostly preferred by corporates and businesses to promote their businesses. On the other hand, YouTube and Instagram is a platform for creators and not every business can fit their advertising strategies on these platforms. Facebook ads offer a range of options and features that can make your ads unique. These ads can appear both on desktops and mobile phones, making them effective.


Instagram ads

Instagram offers direct advertising options to help you reach a greater audience. Given that Instagram is meant for creators, you can still make use of their advertisement options to create videos and banners that you can pay to promote. Instagram ads also run through Facebook, so you have access to pick your target audience in similar ways. Instagram ads are slightly more expensive than Facebook ads.


Retargeting ads

Retargeted ads work like illusions for users, making them truly unique. Suppose the user is interested in your website, interacted with your Facebook page, or subscribed to your mail list. In that case, they will receive continuously appearing ads whenever they browse the internet. This marketing strategy is also called retargeting ads. They can be effective while reminding your users about your products if they have previously shown interest in them. However, sometimes they can be unsettling and can chase away your audience to irritating them too much.

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